Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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The implementation of the Health in the Family Program in Ermera municipality has reached 100% completion rate with communities having unprecedented access to health care assistance, consisting on domiciliary visits by teams of health professionals who then digitalise patients records onto a national e-database managed by the Ministry of Health and Prime Minister’s Office.

Implementation of the Health in the Family Program in Ermera municipality has reached 100%.

The Health Director of Ermera municipality, doctor Herculano Seixas said 100% of the population have been visited by health personnel and have been registered in the e-health system, which will make it easier for doctors to monitor and control illnesses in the community, families and individuals.
He said Ermera municipality has a total population of 127.000 population and all 29.059 families have been visited.
“One obstacle was the distance to where the communities live, they are far away from each other, but we have a mobile clinic that has allowed us to cover the whole municipality,” he said in Dili.
He said during the domiciliary visits heath personnel could identify many types of illnesses including tuberculosis, mental illness and epilepsy.
In 2016, the government implemented the Health in the Family Program across the whole territory to bring health services closer to the people so that families and individuals could know they health status and to identify those at risk of falling ill, those already ill and requiring assistance, and the general health status of communities. This will allow government services to better provide targeted health care assistance.
Meanwhile, the Health Director for Dili municipality Agustinha da Costa Seguerado said 80% of the population of Dili have been visited by health personnel teams and have been registered in the e-health system, while the remaining 20% have not been reached because they were not home when teams went to visit.
“People refuse them, sometimes they are not at home only the maids, and this is why we could not have reached the 100% mark,” she said.
She said Dili as the capital of the country has the largest amount of people and from different backgrounds including foreign residents.
She added Dili health services will continue to make efforts to visit every household and speak to each individuals across the capital.

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