Thursday, December 14, 2017
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The government has installed 10,000 electricity meters in the four administrative posts of Vemasse, Laga, Venilale and Baucau Vila, all located in the Baucau municipality.

Government has installed 10,000 electricity meters in the four administrative posts of Baucau municipality.

Head of the Timor-Leste Department of Electricity (EDTL) for the Baucau municipality Paulino Amaral da Costa said meter installation in Vemasse had now been completed, while in Venilale the process was 40% complete, 80%  in Baucau and 50% in Laga.

He said a further 6,000 meters would need to be installed across the four administrative posts before the project was complete.

He said that between 2014 and 2015 the maximum state revenue generated from electricity reached $35,000.

He said many regional staff were taking on double the workload due to the lack of human resources and this situation was impacting productivity.

He therefore called on the government to increase staff levels in the municipalities.

He said staff were selling electricity credit in a number of places, not just at the local EDTL office, and this job was often the responsibility of only one person.

Meanwhile, National MP Albina Marçal said although there had been good progress, the government should look at those communities living in vulnerable conditions that could not afford electricity credit.

“Sometimes they want to buy electricity credit but they don’t have any money,” she said.

She urged the government to find a good system that would also benefit vulnerable people.

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