Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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The National Hospital of Guido Valadares (HNGV) worked with the Technical Secretariat for Elections Administration (STAE) toensure patients at the national hospital also have the ability to cast their vote despite their health conditions.

HNGV worked with the STAE toensure patients at the national hospital also have the ability to cast their vote despite their health conditions.

The Head of the Department for Quality Control and Social Communication of the HNGV, Paulina Pinto said the hospital submitted data to STAE but none concerning the patients’ health status, only data that allows STAET to know the number of voters (patients and one of their immediate family accompanying) interned and health personnel on duty during the day of the vote.
She said 983 voters will cast their vote at the HNGV including 364 patients and one family relative, and another 255 other voters including health personnel, security, orderlies and cooks on active duty on the day.
"Those who are undergoing treatment or in emergency care or hospitalize at the HNGV also have the right to vote," she said in Bidau, Dili.
Differently to the Presidential Election in May 2017, during the Legislative Election, patients, family relatives and health personnel and other workers of the hospital will not be casting their vote in the wards but STAE has set up a voting booth where everyone can vote.
Meanwhile, a relative of a patient, Jose Alves said the government had an obligation to create conditions for patients and their relatives so they vote.
"It is the government’s obligation to create the conditions to facilitate the election so voters can exercise their right to vote,” she added.
He urged the relevant institutions to raise awareness of the patients' family so they can understand the process according to the law and prevent doubts during the election especially with the rule that only one relative of one patient can vote at the hospital and that any other relative of the patient has to vote where they are registered to vote.
According to ElectoralLaw no. 9/2017 May 5 those who have the right for ambulatory election include only electoral agents, members of National Police of Timor-Leste, F-FDTL, health personnel who are active duty during the election and the patients and one family relative at referral hospital and prisoners.

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