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Timor-Leste does not Promote Condoms to the General Public

Published: November 27, 2017
The government through the Ministry of Health (MH) made a decision to promote the International...

Psychiatrist provides routine checks to prisoners

Published: November 27, 2017
A psychosocial team from the National Hospital Guido Valadares (HNGV), in Dili, provides mental...

MSS: Government Does not Proper Warehousing for Local Products

Published: November 27, 2017
The National Director for Social Assistance (DNAS), Mateus da Silva said the Ministry of Social...

Unemployment Rates Increasing Annually

Published: November 27, 2017
The President of Timor-Leste National Youth Council (CNJTL), Maria Dadi Magno said unemployment...

MPs needs transportation, MOFFE: not specifically Prado’s

Published: October 27, 2017
The Director of the organization Women's movement (MOFFE), Yasinta Lujina acknowledges that new...

Vocational Schools need to be developed

Published: August 31, 2017
The Education network, Timor-Leste Coalition for Education (TLCE) urges the new government of...

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